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programme 2006 / 2009

           Starting from n° 1 – 2007, the quarterly magazine the Carrè Bleu – a paper of theory aimed at stimulating analysis and debate, with strong roots in the practice of project and construction – will be formed:

          A. folder         

         In three languages and in colour, it collects theoretical analyses on a single key word from several standpoints. The objective is strengthening the analysis on the principles underlying the organization of life spaces.
         No term, in itself, can include a line of reasoning, but it can at least conjure it up: symbiosis, hybridization, simultaneity, mutation … summarize some objectives of our present time, evoking images opposed to those dominating in present actions; the same is true for couples of opposed words: monads/ fragments, or for positive coexistence of antonyms: unity/diversity, dispersion/ concentration, global/ local, mobility/ immobility, conservation/ innovation, rational/ irrational, material/ immaterial…...

         B. enclosed folder
                   front,           devoted to a work or to an architects’ firm chosen by the Editing Committee in an individual region for each issue (Central Europe, Northern Europe, Mediterranean Countries or other Countries)
                   back,         current events (books, exhibitions, etc.); themes of international debate, open forum.

the CB is flanked by a series of thematic monograph                   french, english, italian 
introduced by       "Mémoire en mouvement"

                                                                            Report of meeting of January, 14th 2006 at Beaubourg
other will follow   "Sintassi urbane"
                               "Différence / Différer / Différance"
                               "Appel international à idées - une idée pour chaque ville"
                               "Morphogenetic and performative design"
                               "Assonanze / Dissonanze"
                               "Sustainability / Architecture"

         On the web site www.carrebleu.eu a digital interactive edition of the first two documents will be available.

          DIn 2007 a new feature:
“First Work Award”, will be on line

         Periodic meetings of the Editing Committee will take place in Paris or in other cities, planned on the model of “the Architect and the Power”, on the theme of the following issue, with on line contributions from those who cannot attend the meeting.

          Three essential specific features of the Carrè Bleu have to be emphasized
                                         (from Philippe Fouquey’s paper, February 27th, 2006 at the Finnish Institute in Paris):

          1.           The Carré Bleu, international review (or paper ?):
                       a. Un postulate.               The size of the review allows for personal connections between its members from different countries. They have the same background (architectural and environmental in a broad sense). They met because they have similar visions and similar curiosities. Their questions have the same nature.
                     b. An extraordinary experience           Their questions ? Some French members of the Carrè Bleu, irritated by the disturbing abnormalities of operational practice in architecture and construction in France, have realized, through a series of meetings with the other members of the Carrè Bleu, that these abnormalities appear also in other Countries (particularly in European Countries).
          They have then decided to organize some seminars on the theme “ the Architect and the Power” (see Carré Bleu 1.96). The seminars - housed by the Finnish Institute in Paris (directed by Tarmo Kunnas) – were attended by members of the Carrè Bleu coming from 14 different Countries.
          Trying to make a comparison of similar abnormalities in the different realities, we reckoned that the deep differences of operational modalities from one Country to another made it often impossible the comparison itself. The practices in the different Countries were separated by chasms. National idiosyncrasies hindered serene comparisons.
          A great effort was necessary to understand inequalities and understanding an inequality became for each of us a discovery, a victory, a progress.
It is therefore necessary to realise that from what it is better to call confrontations rather than comparisons, unexpected views and ideas crop up, which can even suggest changes to the present situation (confrontations between theories ought to be made as well). As a consequence, the international nature and structure of our group contains the embryo of an organization authorizing research on the different themes which we consider of vital importance.

          No big magazine is endowed with the means to stress abnormalities: they show, better or worse, and at length, what does exist, without feeling any need to question it.
The size of our magazine, our own interpersonal relations, our shared worries, make it possible to implement the process we have outlined since the beginning. This process and even more a strong common will, supported by shared principles, give us the strength (the rage…) to face what we consider unbearable.

          2.             The Carré Bleu, Observatoire International de l'Architecture
         We founded, many years ago, an Association with this name. I recall that we intend to reserve to the Carrè Bleu the role of theoretical analysis, and that we feel the need for a large scale observation of realizations, theories and ways of working, together with an ability to intervene: “analysis and detachment, but at the same time stance and immediate response to what happens” read the “Terms for transmission of the Carrè Bleu…”.
          Nowadays the Carrè Bleu can and must play three roles:
                    1 - as an organ of critical observation
                    2 - as a careful organ of analysis
                    3 - as an “armed wing"
          The already mentioned international confrontations imply a heavy and difficult research work, they cannot be restricted in time:
You might imagine, for instance, a work of comparative analysis of the teaching systems in the different countries. This asks for immersing oneself in national problems in their economic, sociological, historic, etc. aspects; in problems of relationships between architects and engineers (and their training) and in many other aspects.
         Knowing the state of the art in teaching in the different countries is the first step. Confrontation, rich in surprises first, in proposals later, is the second step, the one to be attained.
          During this time, daily life goes on, with its successful results, its stops, its abnormalities, its injustices, its rhythm: the Carrè Bleu must be prepared to observe events, their evolution, to take stances, to intervene as soon as possible…

           It is the role of “Observatoire International de l'Architecture” that the Carré Bleu must take hold of: it will enable it to be present on the fronts it has chosen. The Internet can play a fundamental role as to immediate intervention and diversified contacts. The international structure of the Carré Bleu must, this time, help our reactions not to be restricted within national boundaries, it must facilitate frequent, informal and personal exchanges, so that, for instance, a stance at a national level takes into account the situation in other countries, or deliberately and consciously decides not to take it into account.

            3.            The free spirit of the Carré Bleu, source of discoveries.
            DIn the documents of one of our meetings, the one on March, 4th 2005, one could read:
"We said that it is necessary to let the reflex, or the habit, of the members of our group appear in their launching themselves in attempts, in exploring the ordinary analysis from new and unusual viewpoints, in venturing in premonitory assessments, in examining unusual parameters as traditional parameters.
The manifesto issue ought to be depositary of a different idea, that we evoked: we should appear as the ones we are for what we are. i.e. in the spirit of those who, whether architects or not, are able to form, in time, groups of people curious by nature, including necessarily heterogeneous or different personalities, who are all really tormented by the need to elude “received ideas” and by the need to distance themselves, in our field, in connection with a clear intellectual conscience.
Whatever the indicators characterising these people (even small size realisations, speeches, articles, etc….) and at any point in the planet.".

           For the Carrè Bleu not to be a review happy with taking note of what happens, but able to critically, creatively and dynamically observing, it should be hopefully be driven by “rare birds”
                    - rid of architectural and environmental opportunities
                    - attracted by a paradoxical approach, free of problems
                    - attracted by what the unexpected does not strike (serendipity)
                    - etc...
          In short, we must take shape as a breeding-ground of curious, non conformist creatures, capable of mutual exchanges, of forming as a group of free electrons.
          We must be at the same time
a review and a group, a breeding-ground which is born - lives - and dies.